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Receive a Valuable Auto Document Holder for Your Donation

How can you show your support for injured and fallen law enforcement officers? When you donate to the Injured Law Enforcement Fund, you will receive a valuable auto document holder that verifies your loyalty to local police.

When you get pulled over, the officer knows almost nothing about you. They know you have potentially broken a law, and that you’re probably not happy about being pulled over. In that moment, you are adversaries.

Many drivers attempt to plead, argue or manipulate their way out of a ticket. Police officers can see through this. The only way to inspire leniency is to establish a meaningful connection that puts you back on the same side. How can you do this?

  1. Be courteous, even if you are upset.
  2. Have your documents in order and easily accessible.
  3. Show your active support for law enforcement.

When you hand the officer your license, proof of insurance and registration, conveniently organized in a current ILEF auto document holder, they will see that your support is more than just lip service.

Without a word, you have established a connection with law enforcement and show you side with them. Your support of law enforcement is something that any officer will appreciate.

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